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Adapted from the Statute (original and integral statute is in Italian language and registered at the Lawcourt in Bologna on June 30, 2015.

Insteco is a nonprofit, nonpolitical association that aims to study the ecoacoustics, the role of sounds in the ecological processes that have relationships with populations, communities, ecosystems, and landscapes in terrestrial and aquatic systems.

Insteco disseminates knowledge on the ecological role of sounds for living beings and, in general, for the environment using a trans-disciplinary and integrated approach for the protection of the environment and for improving the quality of life. Moreover, Insteco is active in research and in the coordination at the national and international levels of ecoacoustics research, rendering etic and sustainable criteria.

Insteco is active in the technological design of new devices and related software to collect information regarding the dynamics of populations and communities and the acoustic monitoring of the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (freshwater and marine) in collaboration with universities, other research centers, municipalities, private associations, and firms. Insteco aims to disseminate the state of art of ecoacoustics. To realize this goal, Insteco is requesting the collaboration of scholars in different disciplines, in particular, in biology, philosophy, semiotics, cognitive sciences, environmental sciences, medicine, anthropology, and ecology. For this Insteco:
a) Encourages the education and training of graduate students and researchers, in collaboration with universities and public and private enterprises;
b) Encourages education in the working world, offering at public and private firms training courses and specific curricula in ecoacoustics;
c) Encourages editing of ecoacoustics books, reports, newsletters, blogs, and interviews;
d) Facilitates the positions of young researchers, offering grants and other financial opportunities in collaboration with universities and other institutions;
e) Acts as a consultant for universities and local institutions;
f) Organizes studies, researchers, meetings, and workshops in ecoacoustics and connected fields;
g) Publishes books, scientific articles regarding ecoacoustics.

The structure of Insteco includes the general assembly, the executive board, and the scientific council.